Robin Hornstein






go into the ambiguous.

Coaching offers you the privacy and the freedom to look candidly at where to find your, your group's or your organization's real gifts and then helps bring them out to be embraced. 




If there's anything I've learned in my years as an opera singer, competitive recreational dragon boater, MBA, teacher, runner, entrepreneur, founder of a not-for-profit organization, coach and mother, it's that no one needs to be defined by just one thing. 

However you are transitioning, I work with you to uncover what else you may be, what else you can offer, what else you're interested in becoming. I help you figure out your true ambitions and set you on a path to actualize them.




Your organization is made up of multiple systems that try to operate together in a smooth and cohesive manner. When it doesn't seem to be in the flow you envisioned, I sit down with you to bring to light those things that are under the radar or don't deliver on what you imagined.  I help you to re-purpose your vision and re-invent your work environment. 

Whether you're a corporation or the department of one, a boutique firm, a startup or a clinic  - if you are seeking symmetry between what is said and what is done, between the theoretical conversations and the practical realities of the everyday, I team with you to become clear on your objectives and experience the unmistakable benefits of real transformative change.  


Just prior to Robin Hornstein coming on board, our hospital had begun the process of a significant Merger event in Ontario. Engaging Robin, as someone with the skills and expertise to help us understand the opportunities to improve and move smoothly forward through this change process was an invaluable decision. Robin’s work provided us with highly accurate verification of some ongoing situations and in particular she so skill-fully tapped into areas that were much less visible. Testament to the unique combination of her solid theoretical knowledge and her ability to work with different groups of people and manage situations, perceptions and expectations on the fly, Robin’s people skills are definitely an asset. Robin Hornstein is a wise choice for any CEO, their company or directors and leadership to help improve their organizations through her savvy critical analysis competencies. She and her toolkit of resources well help teams to undergo change processes, restructures, cultural integration or any organizational initiative to build cohesion and sustainability.

- Karen Jackson, Director of Learning & Organizational Effectiveness
Trillium Health Centre


"Robin has been my professional mentor for over a year and is a wonderful, insightful and well articulated coach with many years of experience and wisdom. She has a great ability to listen carefully, to analyze logically, and to communicate with great empathy. I recommend her highly as a coach or a mentor."

- Melina Soochan